Peeps™ the world's best eyeglass cleaner

Peeps™ uses a unique invisible carbon cleaning compound to achieve our reputation as the world's best eyeglass cleaner.

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About Peeps™

Designed specifically to be the world's best eyeglass cleaner, sunglasses cleaner, and reading glasses cleaner, Peeps™ uses our unique invisible carbon cleaning compound to safely and easily clean your glasses from oily fingerprint smudges to dust and facial oils.

The safest and most tested way to clean eyeglasses in the world. In fact, our technology is literally out of this world being the only cleaners on the Space Station used for lens cleaning by NASA.

Easy to use, compact and never expires!

Our technology will clean eyeglasses 500 times!

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How to Use Peeps™ the World's Best Eyeglass Cleaner

1) Remove product from package

2) Remove dust and dirt from eyeglasses with brush

3) Free cleaning arms from holder

4) Rub carbon cleaning pads across lens

5) Put the eyeglass cleaning arms back in holder until next time

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Clean Eyeglasses with Ease

The world's most effective and best eyeglass cleaner tool.


For use on all high-quality eyeglasses.


Nothing removes oily fingerprints, facial oil & dust better than Peeps!


Compact size, no liquids, easy to use!


Unique Design and many colors to choose from.


Cannot dry out, unaffected by temperatures, never expires, cleans 500 times!


Our technology is based on the cleaning power of the natural element, carbon.

Peeps™ is the best eyeglass cleaner system, period.

Laboratory tests show that the innovative Peeps™ outperforms other eyeglass cleaning systems. Click here for lab test results.


Microscopic photograph of a lens surface marked with a regular fingerprint.


The same surface cleaned for 10 seconds using a high-quality optical tissue.


The same surface cleaned for 10 seconds using a high-quality cloth.


The same surface cleaned for 10 seconds using Peeps™.

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See What You've Been Missing

The world's best eyeglass cleaner. Use our premium carbon lens cleaner instead of a conventional cloth and you'll see the difference. Get yours today.

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Some of our
Frequently Asked Question

How does Peeps™ work?

The eyeglass cleaning arms are covered with a special invisible carbon compound that removes the fingerprint oils. This is not “high tech” – this is “old tech”! Many years ago, our grandmothers often used newspapers to clean the windows and mirrors in the house. Why did that work so well? Newspapers are covered with printer’s ink, which is partially carbon and the carbon molecule has a unique ability to absorb oils. The Invisible Carbon compound in our products is unique and it has been specially formulated to handle fingerprint oils.

Is Peeps™ safe for all eyeglasses?

Absolutely. The eyeglass cleaning arms consist of the softest suitable materials, and Peeps™ are assembled in a “clean room” environment. This assures that the eyeglass cleaning tip is free of any unwanted substances. Independent lab tests confirm that Peeps™ is safe for all eyeglasses even after prolonged use. In fact, microscopic photographs show that unlike other systems, Peeps™ is absolutely safe for all your eyeglasses. Moreover, the unique design of Peeps™ keeps the eyeglass cleaning arms protected while not in use.

How long will Peeps™ last?

You’ll be able to clean a really dirty pair of eyeglasses about 500 times. Why? Look at the inside of the holder and you will see a foam pad filled with carbon. Putting the eyeglass cleaning arms back in after use causes the two surfaces to rub together, carbon-to-carbon, and this recharges the carbon on the eyeglass cleaning tip, so it can be used many times. And how about this? Peeps™ has no expiration date! If you lose your Peeps™ and find it years later – it’s good to go! There are no liquids, so there's nothing to dry out!

Can Peeps™ help reduce static charge?

Independent lab tests confirm that Peeps™ will substantially reduce the amount of electrostatic charge on the eyeglass surface. This feature is important, as electrostatic charge attracts dust and causes it to adhere to eyeglasses.

Can I trust Peeps™?

Extensive testing of Peeps™? on expensive eyeglasses has proven that the cleaning compound is safe for all. Further, Peeps™? has been purchased by many high-end eyeglass brands for use on their products. These customers wouldn’t have considered purchasing Peeps™? without testing and verifying on their own.

Is Peeps™ environmentally friendly?

Yes! Peeps™, the best eyeglass cleaner, requires no solvents. Also, unlike tissues, it creates no waste and our technology is based on the cleaning power of the natural element, carbon.

Still have questions? Give us a call at 1-888-615-2155.

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